Latest Winter Fashion

Latest Winter Fashion. College Girls Fashion. 2011 Pakistani Fashion.

Latest Winter Fashion

latest winter fashion


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latest winter fashion – Mens Winter

Mens Winter Fashion Neck Scarf Pure Wool 13 X 64 inches
Mens Winter Fashion Neck Scarf Pure Wool 13 X 64 inches
Cold Weather Scarves in Wool Gift Idea for Him, lends charm and personality to men.We bring to you, Men’s Winter Accessory Muffler handmade by artisans from India. Neck scarf in pure wool with Jamawar design gives a classy edge to your personality. It is casual yet elegant. The warmth can felt without even touching the muffler because of the well selected, vibrant colors. Very light and comfortable and that is why this Neck Scarf is a must have. This would also be a perfect gift for the man you love. It goes well with men’s clothing. It can also be worn over coats since its length is longer than the regular sized muffler. The exquisite threadwork and the fine weaving are such that the scarf has different shades on both sides and can be worn both ways. It is up to you how you want to wear it. Since there are no loose ends, the muffler is durable and long lasting as it will not wear off easily.These woolen mufflers are handmade to keep the warmth intact.

?? Japanese Crossdress Christine Winter Series 02

?? Japanese Crossdress Christine Winter Series 02
I’ve been saving for a long time to get a new hand bag and even longer for a winter coat, so I’m really happy with them!

They are from a shop called La Bala and not only do I think their styles are super ???? (cute!) but their staff were so friendly to me. Usually, when I walk into a ladies shop (as a guy), I either: A) get a funny look, B) get the "ignore that customer and hope he goes away" treatment, C) when asking for help I get one word answers and eyes that never seem to make contact with mine, or D) all of the above. I’m sure many crossdressers have experienced similar treatment…

Anyway, the La Bala saleslady was so nice and friendly. She came up to me right away with a smile, greeted me, and asked if there was anything in particular I was looking for. At that time, I was looking for a handbag (the white one you see me holding in this photo series). She brought it down off the shelf, showed me a few others that were similar and in different colors, and then told me that I should wait because the store was having an additional 10% off the next day! I was treated with respect as a customer and more-so, as a human being…

Needless to say, I went back a few weeks later and got the matching winter coat! (^_^)

PS. Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Winter Fashion

Winter Fashion
The latest in Wisconsin Winter fashion; perfect for those sub zero temps w/ sub zero wind chills; you will be the height of fashion in this softly tectured face mask.
latest winter fashion

latest winter fashion

Winter Scarfs for Men Wool Winter Fashion 12 x 60 inches, Color: Paisley/Red
Made from the finest handspun and hand-woven wool these scarves from ShalinIndia are light and warm and an elegant ethnic statement. Fully handmade with soft hand knit tussles on both sides the finishing of these hand selected woolen scarves is magnificent. The weaving is so fine, you can see through the fabric but at the same time the pure cashmere wool keeps you warm and protected in a cold winter night. There is no finer way to look stunning with this woolen scarf wrapped around your neck. The traditional embroidery with hand-spun woolen yarn in soft colors that it shines like silk. It is the most decorative and elegant fashion statement of the season. Floral patterns and the unique Indian mango design flow together to look like a painting. The embroidary is such that the design mirrors on the back side of the scarf. Its unique weaving gives a different look on the other side. Therefore it is safe to say there is no particular fornt or backside of this scarf. It can be worn any side up. Some connoisseurs use these stoles as wall hangings and impress with their style and individuality. This scarf is a perfect fit for an elegant evening formal as well as casuals. The light-weight fabric requires delicate care and can only be dry cleaned. For storage we suggest, keep it safe in air tight plastic and in a dark place. Some of these embroidered woolen scarves are so rich in stitching work and fine design, they become exceptionally beautiful and unique wall hangings. Neck scarf is a very special gift for him. These handmade wool neck scarf mufflers are created by the hereditary weavers of Punjab.